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Investigator‘s handle all kinds of investigations and have the network to meet all your private detective needs. No job is too big or too small. We at Vaccaro Investigations are discreet, professional, experienced and affordable.

It depends on the circumstances of the affair and the lengths the partner has gone to hide their indiscretions. It is usually not difficult to find evidence of an affair, but to do so discreetly and without alerting the spouse that they are being investigated takes judgment and experience.

If your marriage is important to you, it is always best to engage the services of someone who has experience in the field and has conducted successful investigations in the past. Otherwise, you risk being discovered and adding additional strain to your marriage.

In instances where there is no evidence the subject is being unfaithful, you will have added peace of mind about your relationship. There is no risk to the relationship because the investigation is 100% confidential.

While cognizant of the laws regarding their trade, only a lawyer is qualified to give legal advice.

Private investigators in Louisiana are licensed through the Louisiana Board of Private Investigator Examiners.
As of May 2014, all PI’s in Alabama are licensed and regulated by the Alabama Private Investigators Regulatory Board.
A child custody investigator is employed by a parent or the court to attain whether a child can be adequately cared for by a custodial or non-custodial guardian or parent. They can help make sure your child remains safe and in good care. Investigations sometimes reveal that a parent has a history of neglectful or abuse behavior.
An investigators job is to establish what happens when a parent is with a child. Their process involves gathering evidence and documenting behavior that could be dangerous to the child or against their best interests. Investigators may also talk to the parents directly or solicit witnesses to speak in court. Establishing whether a parent partakes in criminal or dangerous behavior can have a great effect on custodial decisions made by a court.
A private investigator’s findings often carry more weight in a court of law than accusations made by a parent that is part of proceedings, so if you suspect that something is worth investigating, be sure to hire a qualified professional investigator.
Private Investigators have access to information the general public cannot obtain but they are still subject to the same laws as regular citizens. However, a licensed private investigator does have one distinct privilege or advantage over a common citizen and that is the ability to follow and document an individual’s activity, while on public property, without being subject to harassment or stalking laws. Three main actions they can’t take are: • Pose or impersonate police or law enforcement • Wiretapping (record conversations over the phone) • Obtain cell phone records Trained PI’s have a great deal of experience getting the information you need legally and with the minimum of fuss.
No. Most investigations can be handled over the phone and via email. You don’t need to meet the investigator personally unless you want to.
Absolutely. Any and all information submitted to us verbally or via online is kept in strict confidence. Only you and Vaccaro Investigations has access to the case details.
Often clients engage the services of a private investigator to find someone that owes them money, or a loved one that they have lost contact with. More often than not, the person can be located due to the fact that very few people have the training and discipline to live off-the-grid in a wired world.
Usually their name and middle initial are all that’s required. Their SSN, DOB, place of birth and other details can expedite the investigation but are not always necessary.

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