Process Service Investigations

Process Serving

Vaccaro Investigations is currently Serving Process for the Legal Community in Louisiana and Alabama.  Our superior work product and quick response to serving your process will assist you with your litigation needs.  Proper services of process initially establish personal jurisdiction of the court over the person being served.  If the defendant ignores further pleadings or fails to participate in the proceedings, then the court or administrative body may find the defendant in default and award relief to the claimant, petitioner, or plaintiff. Service of process must be distinguished from service of subsequent documents (such as pleadings and motion papers) between the parties to litigation.

Also ask us about our “Hard to Serve” defendants service.  We will customize a plan in conjunction with our investigative knowledge utilizing means of optimal research and superior technology to serve defendants who are actively avoiding process.

Bug Sweeper (1)

Bug Sweeping

What is Bug Sweeping?

Bug sweeping, often referred to as Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) or debugging, is a physical and technical countermeasures survey used to locate illicit electronic surveillance, bugging and eavesdropping devices. Vaccaro Investigations will utilize state-of-the-art devices to perform frequency spectrum analysis and other technical searches. These search techniques cover the entire usable frequency spectrum and can even find bugs that are inactive or turned off. See a video of our bug sweeping devices in action. In addition, the area will be physically inspected thoroughly to detect covert devices.

Retail Investigations

Retail Loss Prevention Investigations

So, what is a loss prevention investigator? And how does this help retailers save billions of dollars? To help you paint a picture, imagine loss prevention investigators as the hidden camera or the private eyes of the retail store. They use fact-finding missions and good old detective work to catch shoplifters red-handed. It’s a tough job, but their loss prevention training helps them be better at what they do catching crooks and keeping shoplifting under control; and in the process, preventing loss and unnecessary loss of revenue. With over 12 years of retail experience, Vaccaro Investigations can help with your loss prevention needs. 

Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance Investigations

When you need to discreetly monitor a person’s activity, professional surveillance is your best legal option. Surveillance by a licensed private investigator can show evidence that can help your attorney negotiate a settlement and is usually admissible in court. Private Investigation Surveillance is bread and butter work for PIs working all kinds of different cases, from missing persons to insurance fraud, to theft and vandalism, to determining whether a parent is fit to have child custody or visitation rights to proving marital infidelity. Contact Vaccaro Investigations so that we can establish a sound surveillance package.

Family Investigations

Infidelity Investigations

We are here to help you gather evidence of your partner’s misconduct.  We will gather evidence based on your individual situation.  Each case is different, so the amount of time and resources needed are always different.  We will develop a detailed analysis of your specific situation and put together and execute a plan to gather any and all evidence needed – which may include: digital video documentation, digital still photography, and any documents retrieved from multiple sources to prove deviation of marital assets as well.

child custody investigations

Child Custody Investigations

Allow Vaccaro Investigations to be your investigative support for your child custody case.  We will develop a plan based on your agreed upon court orders, parenting agreement and/or directives.  We will gather the necessary evidence via video digital photography,  and paper documentation from various legal sources.  We have years of experience in getting evidence to illustrate a non-compliant parent or worse, a negligent or abusive parent.  At the conclusion, we will develop and produce a detailed report and are available to testify in court regarding evidence uncovered.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance Fraud Investigations

There’s one side. There’s the other side. And there’s the truth. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that $80 billion is paid in false claims each year. Some workers will claim injury at work to receive worker’s compensation benefits. These benefits are costly to insurance companies and can include weekly payouts, medical expenses, and the expense of retraining the employee. Through an investigation we can determine the extent of the injury and whether or not the injury occurred while working by providing proof using surveillance and photo’s of claimant’s physical abilities.

Criminal investigations

Criminal Investigations

The criminal defense investigator profession is unique in that it requires an open-minded, creative and resourceful personality to be successful in the field. It’s difficult for many people to remember that the accused is innocent until proven guilty, and that it is of utmost importance to remain objective and unbiased as evidence is discovered through the duration of an investigation. The investigator’s objective is to uncover evidence that supports the defense of the accused, including examining the prosecution’s case and exposing weaknesses when found.

Legal Investigations

Legal Investigations

Attorneys and private detectives have one thing in common—an investigative mind that yearns to seek the truth. As an attorney, however, you have many other duties that fill your day. That is why your trusted private detective can be as valuable to you as any member of your legal team. Hiring a private detective to perform investigative duties frees up your time, so you and your law firms can prepare your case for court. Vaccaro Investigations can help you with your case and provide the investigative mind that you’re looking for. 

skip trace investigations

Skip Trace Services

Using state of the art skip trace technology with up-to-date databases along with experienced private detectives we can help find that person and serve them so you can move on with court proceedings. Your case is important to you, so it’s important to us.
Our process servers understand the importance of quick and reliable service. Our experience allows us to research and locate the person to be served, even hard to locate persons, while working within the means of the law.

Background Check Investigations

Background Check Investigations

Vaccaro Investigations is committed to the safety of you and your loved ones. If you are considering hiring an employee, or wanting to know history of a prospective tenant for a rental property, you need to verify who that person is and their backgrounds.

Our background  checks and screening services may include:
  • Criminal Record Searches
  • Civil Litigation Record Searches
  • Driving Records/Histories
  • Sexual Predator/Offender Searches
  • Professional License Searches
  • Education and Professional Training Verification

By requiring a tenant background check, you are conveying to prospective tenants that you have a rigorous tenant screening process. This helps attract tenants who will put in the effort to meet your criteria, and are hopefully more likely to stay long-term or renew their lease, saving you time and money because you won’t have to look for a new tenant right away.

Vaccaro Investigative Services

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